Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear backers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Because of your support and trust, we reached 90% of our goal!!! Our early bird discount perk has gone so fast and only have 20 or so left right now. Don’t miss the chance to get the super early discount!

And many of you might have the question that how does a screening device help with your sleep health and Sleep Apnea. We updated the information on our main page. The key to find an effective cure for any health problem is to first have an accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis can only be made with the right kind of testing and data collection. During your sleep, you might not be aware of your sleep condition. In fact, your sleep pattern can reveal a lot about various health problems. GO2SLEEP helps you track a set of indicators during your sleep and let you know more about your physical condition. This will then help to determine how you need to change your sleep habits, change your diet structure, or practice some kinds of exercise, that will help to improve the quality of your sleep and further improve your health.

We focus on the quality of your sleep and care about your health. Let’s fight for better sleep quality and a higher living standard!

Enjoy the turkey and your long weekend!



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