Last call, our campaign will be end in less than 3 days

Dear backers,

Our campaign will be end in less than 3 days. Remember to claim all these great discounted perks to improve your sleep. We have revised our main video, you may recheck our intro video, and you may find more new and useful information (…). In addition, many backers are curious about our MRD. We also made a new video to introduce our special designed MRD, you can watch the video on our campaign page. If you do not claim the MRD perk, do not miss that. Here is the youtube video link:…

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Today is the last 3 days from May 31st.

For the last 3 days you could still get the chance to win our VIP Membership by getting ANY products from SLEEPON!

Exclusive Benefits for  SUPER VIP Membership

Get 30%-off discount for all SLEEPON products.
For some specific items, you can even get 50% -off discount.

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Hi Dear Backers!

We have been through a busy week!!



And we will finish shipping until May 30th.

You could get your products in approximately 20 days after our shipping date.

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2 Good News I’d like to tell…

Hi dear backers!

Long time no update! Please forgive us, for we are now working on modifying our APP and preparing our products! Hopefully, we can ship you our go2sleep products within this month!

Anyway! I am bring you these 2 good news!

  1. New updates on our discover page as follows!Compared with the old ones, it is more functional and colourful. And surely it would do a good job in diagnosing your sleep apnea!
  2. We tested our go2sleep ring with a reliable traditional monitor in the market, and got the same data.

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