New SE firmware option is available

Hi Dear Backers!

Thanks for supporting always! We are very glad to introduce our new improtant APP functions to you!

1. Firmware upgrade:
The new SE firmware support, further improve the accuracy of the data and we fixed the bugs of alarm setting.

2. Added the new SE firmware option, you can choose the firmware version according to your own device.

3. Now you can set the trigger sensitivity of the device.

4. Added the new blood oxygen threshold preset function, now you can customize your threshold of blood oxygen alert


SLEEPON View launches

Hi Dear Backers!

We have a great news can’t wait to tell you that we launches SLEEPON View today!

Right now with your desktop computer, It can easily import your CSV sleep data, generate minute detail charts, and support image output, so that you can print data easily.

SLEEPON View will support both MAC and Windows systems. And Our new version of APP is coming featuring some important new functions such as adjusting your own value of the low blood oxygen alert and the sensitivity of touch. Please stay with us in our website.



Hi Dear Backers and iOS users!

Thank you for supporting always!

The new update of our APP is coming next week. The new version iOS APP will support iOS 13.

Very glad to inform you that, we will launch our new GO2SLEEP SE version which will provides the additional fingertips holders for our users very soon. Last but not the least, our desktop application for checking your exported data in PC from SLEEPON app is coming. Stay tune to our news&update.


CSV Data Export Function is On!

Hi Dear Backers!

Thank you for supporting always!

We are very glad to tell you that, the CSV data export function would be available in the launching APP version tomorrow! It has been one of the biggest expectations of our backers all the time. This APP version would be launched with all language versions, and all areas, with IOS and Android simultaneously. With the exported CSV data,you would find the monthly report, daily report, minute report and sleeping tags data.  

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Check Out Our Latest Chat on Sleep Apnea with Dr. Chiang and CEO of Super Human Radio

We discussed the below questions which might interest you:

  1. Why do I have sleep apnea? What are the common causes of sleep apnea?
  2. What are the major remedies for sleep apnea?
  3. Correlations between sleep apnea and hypertension ( high blood pressure)
  4. What are the correlations between sleep apnea and some other diseases?
  5. What kind of diet should I have?
  6. How do I know if I have sleep apnea?
  7. How do I know which type of sleep apnea do I have?
  8. Why would I snore; does snoring mean sleep apnea?
  9. What position should I use to sleep? Is there a best position to sleep in?
  10. Any bad habits I should avoid if I have sleep apnea?

Ask Sleep Doctor Anything about Sleep Apnea! YouTube Live Stream!


This is the link of the YouTube live stream “Ask Sleep Doctor Anything about Sleep Apnea”! The live stream will start on this Saturday at 7:30am. Pacific Time. See you there! You can comment on the right during the live stream. We will have a Q & A session in which doctor Chiang will answer some of the questions.

We are excited to announce our new YouTube program “Ask Sleep Doctor Anything”. We will include topics such as how to counterbalance sleep and work schedule for shift workers, benefits and side effects of insomnia drugs, sleeping tips during pregnancy, how to improve sleep for schooling children. The list goes on with focuses on different sleep disorders and sleep health problems for various population groups. We genuinely invite you to our online workshops to learn more about sleep health since we believe that sleep is of ultimate importance to establish the foundation of a healthy body system.


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